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CB56: Paul’s Boutique Interview feat. Dan LeRoy


Daddy’s home: Chuck joins Steve and #SeezMics in studio for the first time in almost two years.

#56 is arguably the most iconic jersey number in sports: #LawrenceTaylor, #ChrisDoleman, #DarrylTalley.

As always, Steve’s hair looks dope.

More #DifferentStyles members thanks to #AngryBen. Sorry, Diff’rent Stylezzz members.

#DrunkHistory is the TV version of #ChromeBills.

Steve’s pickle gets tickled and Chuck gets his two bucks.

#LicensedToIll vs. #PaulsBoutique and what’s the best #BeastieBoys album?


We welcome author #DanLeRoy (or is it #DanLeRoy?) to discuss his new book “For Whom The Cowbell Tolls” about the #BeastieBoys album #PaulsBoutique. Purchased the book here:

Topics discussed during the interview include: who has the mysterious #JerryLewis song, the roll of #CapitolRecords in the album’s success/failure, serendipitous occurrences such as the infamous #eggman promotion, #MattDike, #JerryGarcia plays on a song, how much did the #samples cost, did the #DustBrothers get the credit they deserve, do real gangsters like #EazyE change diapers, #cowbell in #HeyLadies, some guys peak early, #VinceFerragamo, and #JimEverett.

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CB54: Albums On CDs, Singles On Vinyl


Welcome, new subscribers who first heard #ChromeBills because of the #SageFrancis interview. Tell us your thoughts and feelings.

Horace and Harvey Grant are The Rebounding Lawyers Brothers.

We open with a #freestyle because that’s what you want.

#YourOldDroog may not be #Nas, but he is definitely the original member of #DifferentStyles.

The alphabetically challenging procedure of filing rap albums.

An in-depth discussion of short #NBA players.

Steve describes the #KungFu masterpiece and newest #DifferentStyles members Half-And-Half.

#KungFu, #sneakers, and #pickupbasketball are the (?)th pillars of #HipHop.

#Bobbito has artisanal cheeses.

Anthony from #OpieAndAnthony takes his point way too far. Did he do it for ratings?

Wishing someone would die is OK as long as you mean it.

#TonyDungy, #DonaldSterling, #AnthonyCumia: examples of when your reputation precedes you.

The #SeezMics #CruelFuel album release date announcement leads to a discussion of what consumers want when buying albums: CDs, #vinyl, #tapes, #MP3s. Just make it easy on us, baby.

Avenues Of Revenue: The Collector’s Perspective.

Shouts to #Hickey for sending us the new #Common song.

We discuss the hits and misses in #Commons discography.


Which was the best #Beatnuts and #RedMan album?

Why did #DasEfx name their first album #DeadSerious?

Which rap albums fill out 13 – 18 in your top 20?

Chuck asks a great question: in your top 100, which artist is the first to make a second appearance?

Verbal cues that indicate you’re ready to make a valid point.

We consider getting an apartment together, but it falls apart because #SeezMics hates loud eaters.

Shout outs to #Bailey who messaged our #Facebook page to tell us of her woeful #WuTang experience.

CHROME BILLIONAIRES ROLL CALL: Willie Why, Petey Steele, Jan Deezy, Ron

This is better than #herpes, so spread it.

Songs played on CB54: Albums On CDs, Singles On Vinyl
1. #Common “Rewind That”
2. #ASAPRocky, #DannyBrown, #JoeyBadass, #Yelawolf, #BigKRIT, #ActionBronson, #KendrickLamar “1 Train”

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CB53: The Sage Francis Interview


Subscribe to #ChromeBills on #itunes and #SoundCloud… We will find you.

Steve, Chuck, and #SeezMics reveal more #DifferentStlyes members.

Seeing #SageFrancis perform live as a solo act and with #NonProphets in #Baltimore.

#SageFrancis talks about his new album #CopperGone and the best tour he’s had in years.

An ever so brief #freestyle.

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CB52: Broken Fibula Salads feat. B. Dolan Interview Pt. 2


Attention #ChromeBillionaires: Get your copy of the epic 60 minute #freestyle from CB45: The Lost Freestyle by re-posting ANY episode of #ChromeBills.

This episode contains Part 2 of the #SeezMics interview with #BDolan of #StrangeFamousRecords.

In the next episode, we will debut Part 1 of the #SeezMics interview with #SageFrancis of #StrangeFamousRecords.

Steve and Chuck pay homage to the tech of early #ChromeBills episodes.

We discuss #OldRapBattles such as #JUICE vs. #Supernatural.

We also discuss the #TotalSlaughter battle between #JoeBudden and #HollowDaDon.

Jimmy B. has provided a list of every member from #DifferentStylez. #SeezMics is unable to breathe due to laughing so hard as Steve reads the first 20 names on the list.

Chuck went to see #DeLaSoul for the 25th anniversary of #3FeetHighAndRising. He breaks down the “pop in factor” of superstars making guest appearances at rap shows since #Common, #MosDef, #TalibKweli, and #QTip unexpectedly performed.

Chuck tells the tale of #Dres from #BlackSheep bringing down the house by performing #TheChoiceIsYours.

Half-men are drinking #SummerShandy… Half-Shandy, anyone?

#SeezMics wonders if it is illegal to use #ECigarettes in public? Chuck says it is definitely illegal in #NewYork.

This begs two questions:
1. What percentage of the #ChromeBillionaires smoke?
2. Is Chuck wearing pants?

Where were you when the gruesome #KevinWare injury led Steve to ask if Chuck was interested in a “broken fibula salad”?

#ChromeBillionaires roll call: #BigSlop, Hickey, Jimmy B., #DoodComputer, #HenleyHalem, #CasOne, and Ron D. Behdy.

Steve discusses #BrianColeman’s book #CheckTheTechnique Volume 2: “More Liner Notes For Hip-Hop Junkies.”

#SeezMics is not a fan #RZA on the mic, Chuck doesn’t like #MastaKilla, and Steve could do without #UGod. We all wish #JumpyE had been in #WuTang.

WE #FREESTYLE!!! Always fun.

Are white men with #mustaches trustworthy?

Steve talks hair and asks: does the part make the man?

Songs played during CB52: Broken Fibula Salads feat. B. Dolan Interview Pt. 2

1. #Gravediggaz “Pass The Shovel”
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CB 51: Trevor Ariza Burns Down Strip Clubs


#Area51 would have worked too.
Has the oscillating fan in Steve’s basement subscribed to #ChromeBills on #iTunes or #SoundCloud?
Are we pulling punches or swinging wildly? The fellas have some house cleaning to do.
Is Cole a scheduling Nazi or just very regimented? He definitely has a digital bite.
Steve calls Chuck to speak from the heart.
It’s gotta be the 3 of us, and after all, we’re doing the best we can with what we have.
Are we getting paid yet? We need to hire an agent.
Steve is going #DeLaSoul at #HowardTheater on July 19.
The homey #Tone has a beat played during the #JoeBudden VS #HollowDaDon #TotalSlaughter battle. Steve felt like the tech was a wreck: hard to find online and inoperable mics. However, it is clear that #HollowDaDon listens to #ChromeBills.
How much do #battlerappers win?
#ErrorsAndOmissions returns.
Chuck and Steve dissect the #WorldCup final while Cole considers getting some fresh air.
Cole went to see the homey #Cubbiebear open for #Cage and #Sadistik in #Baltimore, then ate at the #PaperMoonDiner with Max.
Steve suggests the #BlackMoon song #ActLikeUWantIt may be about prison rape.
The homey #CasOne has subscribed to #ChromeBills. Check out his interview in episode CB 50: People Aren’t Dancing Anymore.
Steve got in a bar fight and was an angry dude. His luscious hair has calmed him down.
#PaulPierce joins the #WashingtonWizards which leads to an intense discussion of all things #NBA.
The fellas #freestyle away the pain.
#JayZ joins #JayElectronica for a surprise guest appearance during the #BrooklynHipHopFest.
Part 1 of Cole’s interview with #BDolan of #StrangeFamousRecords ends the show. Part 2 will be on CB 52.

Songs played during CB 51: Trevor Ariza Burns Down Strip Clubs – N/A

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CB 50 : People Aren’t Dancing Anymore


The #CasOne interview and 100 minutes of good times.

Steve makes sweet, sweet love with a 1/4 cable.

Cole’s tour with #SageFrancis including #UStreetMusicHall which is owned by #JesseTittsworth and #DaveNada.

Shout outs to #Hickey and #BigSlop.

The #NewYorker has an article which details how casinos are making more money because people are broke.

Cole compares #SageFrancis ability to reinvent himself several times over during one performance to #Madonna.

Steve doesn’t like #BBQ, Chuck doesn’t like #soda, and Cole doesn’t like #humaninteraction.

Steve sees #DipSet at #EchoStage where a stranger offers him drugs which he later feels compelled to search for in the trash can before he steps the 3 AM spicy chicken sandwich at #Checkers.

Steve’s respect for #CamRom was birthed when he #ethered #BillOReilly.

The homey #SeannieCameras has a #vaporizer that tastes like #CinnamonToastCrunch while filiming #Awthentik.

We know it’s hard because most rap shows aren’t good, but you can’t be a casual fan.

Be aware of the performer-to-instrument ratio.

Video DJ’s bring a show to life.

The homey #CasOne tells us three important things during his interview with Cole: #Figure gives him beats, humility allows him to keep his ego in check, and parents are tools for children.

#CasOne didn’t make the cut for #DifferentStyles, mainly because CasTwo did.

#July4th traffic is a bummer.

Free CD’s are reverse panhandling.

Steve forces Cole to listen to #RiffRaff.

More #WolrdCup talk, especially about #TimRyan and his amazing performance.

Songs played during CB 50: People Aren’t Dancing Anymore

1. #CasOne interview
2. #CasOne “Chasing Greatness”
3. #RiffRaff “Introducing The Icon”
4. #BlackThought verse on #StatikSelektah “The Imperial”

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CB 49 : Can Lobsters Hold Guns


#CarmenPolicy ran a gambling ring in high school. There is a gambling stereotype.
The missing second half was the Error & Omission of CB 48 : Super Flukey.
Steve is sorry, #PeterRosenberg.
Seez experiences raw emotion while discussing #soccer.
Chucks strongly believes, “#VivaItalia!”
A surprisingly somewhat insightful discussion of the #WorldCup, particularly that there are no commercials for two hours which allows Chuck to ether his guests.
What are you drinking? Well, it’s a #Manhattan. And a #Martini. It’s a #Martattan.
#EpicHistoricRapBattles are a million dollar idea with ten dollar execution.
#Eminem’s “Road To Total Slaughter” is a reality show, but how real are reality shows?
The homey Al Dente stops by.
The newest member of Different Stylez, Two-Beerz-In, drops by to drink two Stellas and then need a nap.
The proliferation of gun metaphors in rap battles begs the question: Can lobsters hold guns?
Seez is performing as the opening act for #SageFrancis during the #CopperGone tour, including July 1 at #UStreetMusicHall.
Steve wants to know why did #Nas choose to be #YourOldDroog and how did #ComplexMagazine get it wrong?
#Nardwaur gives #Nas lots of records.
#CombatJack responds to Chrome Bills on #Twitter.
We discuss various daily routines. For example: how late do you sleep in, or do you go for the Early Dew?
Full Adult Hairstyles: Like father, like son.
“That’s the #schizophrenia talking.”
Q: How do you make it out of the underground? A: By appearing as a guest on #ChromeBills. Duh.
#OpenMikeEagle of #MelloMusicGroup is on the come up, and we are all very happy for him.
This week’s Shocking Rap Lyric Of The Week from #ActionBronson is actually the #StarTrek version of #TheShocker.
Chuck saw #RobertKelly record a #ComedyCentral special.
Seez’s #PAX pops its top as he becomes untethered from reality.
Steve and Scott are going to see #Dipset… or is it #DIFFset?
Seeing #Redman and #MethodMan live is an amazing experience.
Shout out to Hickey, friend of the show.
Songs played during CB 49: Can Lobsters Hold Guns?

1. #MarsILL “I Is”
2. #OpenMikeEagle “Qualifiers”
3. #Blueprint “The Climb”

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CB 48: Super Flukey


#StephenDavis supports #ChromeBills.
Cole is the first to jump on #ChrisCooley.
Please welcome our new sponsor: Commercials During Soccer.
Playing #soccer is like trying to get laid for the first time, but every time.
Points made in the soccer vs. no-soccer debate.
#JohnOliver is killing the game.
#OpenMikeEagle has a new album.
#MichaelWilbon says something of note.
Olives are good for the soul.
The only thing Chuck will be mixing tonight? A stiff drink.
Steve asks what every stoner was thinking: “Is the #AquaTeenHungerForce movie really happening?”
#TimAndEric, #SouthPark, and how #pyschedelics make everything awesome.
#Jesus judges the epic Nature vs. Nurture battle.
Shouts to our listeners: #BigSlop, Stevie I., Bailey, Omar, Jimmy B., Yan, Hickey, Tamu, #Ardamus, #DoodComputer, #Dez, and #Cubbiebear
Chuck misses #GiantGorillaDogThing and #Edan shows.
Joey “Splits” Crawford has something to say.

Songs played during CB 48: Super Flukey

1. #OpenMikeEagle “Golden Age Rap
2. #SilentKnight “Busy is My Best Friend”

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CB 47: Everybody’s Got Their Specifications


Dive right in, we’ve got a hard out.
Steve’s shit was defaulted.
Digi-pound vs. Digi-high-five.
Cole’s show with #SageFrancis and visit with Chuck.
Chuck’s #WesternConferenceFinals #freestyle.
Chuck performs #TheHumptyDance and #Juicy at a karaoke bar.
Awkward discussions of race in regards to #whitepeople.
Who is your least favorite ESPN personality: #ColinCowherd or #ChrisBerman?
Chuck met #TedMosby.
Who is (was) #YourOldDroog?
Chuck’s Got Answers.
Merch sales are the way musicians make money nowadays.
What does a band’s teeshirt say about you?
Cole yells at TV’s, so he has to leave.
#Buckwild is a wildly underrated producer and has made beats for a loooooooot of rappers.
#Q-Tip labels the East Coast vs. West Coast beef as lame in “K.I.M.”
#MattBonner is a huge fan of #Edan (CB 30: The Edan Interview).
#FreeDarko inspired us all.
#JasonKapono played #AesopRock in a #NBA locker room.
#Spurs or #Heat? (Everybody wins because it’s not soccer.)

SONGS PLAYED DURING CB 47: Everybody’s Got Their Specifications
1. Your Old Droog “Gunsmoke Cologne”
2. Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild f/ Action Bronson “100 MPH”
3. 50 Cent “Hold On”

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Episode 46 – Working With Tapes Back Here


Lo-Fi like a mug.
Q: What’s so special about tonight?
A: All instrumentals for this episode are on tapes (tapes!!!) and being played by Steve.

Them That’s Not: Which album was not released in 1994?
Them That’s Not: Not even Chuck knows!

J-Zone’s “Root For The Villain.”
Beats by Dre headphones are mediocre.
Pat Sajak tweets.
We rank our preferred medium for listening to music: vinyl, tape, or CD.
East Village Radio is shutting down.
Vulfpeck releases “Sleepify” to manipulate Spotify into raising $20k so they can tour.
Steve uses “ethered” as a verb. Chuck “ethers” arguments.
A tight wad retires and Steve hates Ravens Cup Guy.
We’re boosting Chrome Bills’ profile while Scott kills a hobo.
Chuck and Seez freestyle to the DWYCK remix.
A listener has transcribed every Different Styles member and we will announce the list on Episode 47. This is the best news Seez could hear.
DJ Ruthless Ramsey scratches and blends using tapes (tapes!!!), but should he change his name to reflect that he scratches and blends using tapes? He has over 500k YouTube views, so no.
Vanity Fair articles (werd?)
“Might, could see it.”
How do Chuck and Seez know DJ Ragz?
DJing is a lot of work.
Are the Jazz Addixx actually addicted to jazz? (probzzz)
Combat Jack interviews Lord Finesse about putting on Big L, the skills of Percee P, and early Biggie Smalls.
Will you just let Black Thought talk some sh*t? Speaking of Black Thought, whatever happened to “Hardware”?
Why do The Roots give their guest spots to relatively unknown MC’s?
Chuck’s got the answers, Steve hears crying babies.

Songs played during Episode 46:
Loop Minded Individuals f/ Seez Mics “FollowHer”
The Nonce f/ Aceyalone “Bus Stops”
Redman “Funkorama”

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Episode 45 – She Had A Biological Reaction


#Wizards and NBA playoffs discussion
#Michael Jordan’s 45 jersey
#That’s the reason I’m a Bullets fan
#A little Bikram goes a long way
#Steve goes to strip clubs with his wife
#Episode 46 will be live from a strip club
#Tony The Homey calls in
#Does your girlfriend/wife listen to Chrome Bills?
#One Love Massive
#Is Cole a jerk or a genius when it comes to women?
#Steve is Donald Sterling and Patrice O’Neal
#Freestyle while you fuck me
#Listener roll call
#Let’s get DJ Ragz on the show
#Broadway produces a beat for the new Eminem reality show
#Is the name “Slaughterhouse” a shout to Kurt Vonnegut?
#Atmosphere’s “Southsiders”
#Favorite Atmosphere album
#Sexually traumatized
#Bad experiences while high
#I’ll murder you for a cigarette
#Snore translator
#Aesop Rock or Atmosphere?
#Nas 20th Anniversary of “Illmatic”
#Chuck pees a little

Episode 44 – Beat me up Scotty Feat. Scotty 2 Guns


Big shout out to Scotty for coming thru

# Mispronouncing rappers names
# Scott looks like Michael Rapaport
# Ardamus
# Biblical flooding
# Hiding rap tapes from your parents
# Pitbull’s artistic phase
# Washington Wizards
# freestyle
# “Carthoned” (tricking a naive person into giving you something for nothing)
# Gay gasoline dipping sauce
# Lots of new fans (that oscillate)
# Basketball cards
# Plummeting value of trading cards
# Jay Electronica
# Horrible rap music
# Rod Strickland pukes, then goes to the TGIFridays in Greenbelt
# Training for a big fight
# Pre-fight nerves
# Olive Garden
# Matrimonial close calls
# Crooklyn Dodgers song rosters
# Yamasaki Academy
# Steve calls fiddlestix,
# Fiddlestix upheld
# Being a guest on Chrome Bills
# Rap show stories
# Scott blows his chance with De La Soul
# Del Tha Funkee Homosapien is high and yelling at Steve
# Chuck’s been busy, Cole has new curtains

Jay Electronica – Better in tune with the infinite
Paten Locke and Dj Lean Rock – The slue foot

Episode 43 – Teachable Moments


Champagne in Teacups. Feel us. This episode is chock full of fun. Subjects include Seez’s sleeping mask, Steve being cheap on the internet, Peter Rosenberg on Radiolab, Buying albums off bandcamp, and Drake’s lint roller.

Pharoahe Monch Featuring Black Thought – Rapid Eye Movement (produced by Marco Polo)
Anti-Lilly and Phoniks – 14 till
K-cromozone and Steve Bills – Maholla

Episode 41 – Chuck is NOT drunk (this time)


We are pronouncing names correctly, and giving our final thoughts on the Grantland Wu article. We’re chill (but not too chill), questioning how you live with yourself, and Cole (incorrectly) states that cats are a deal breaker.

Napolean Da Legend – Phoenix
Freddie Gibbs – Scarface
Michael Christmas – Ya’ll Trippin
Heavy D and the Boyz – Girlz They Love Me

Episode 38 – The 38 Special Featuring Hickey


Hickey joins the group for a 38-special… The conversation meanders from Seez’s non-show at DC-9, K-crome’s True Detective Freestyle, Uhh Yeah Dude at 9:30 Club, Hickey’s recording sessions with Damu, the history of J-Brome, and the Dos Noun Viral video; All while Hickey attempts to match Chuck’s drinking prowess. Hold on tight.

Open Mike Eagle – Mole in your ministry
Ardamus and the Metaphysical – Hand on the steering wheel
Gangstarr – Mostly the Voice

Thanks for listening.

Episode 37 – The Phil Harmonica Episode


Episode 37 – The Phil Harmonica Episode
Nas at the Kennedy Center/Cole’s show at DC9/Kickstarter beef/Action Bronson appreciation rhyme/1994 Lalapalooza lineup/2Chainz Lobster references and much more

Action Bronson – 9.24.13
Cypress Hill Featuring the Fugees – Boom Biddy Bye Bye Remix
K-Cromozone – The End

Thanks for listening.

Episode 35 – Stank steak with a side of hidden nuggets


Episode 35 – Stank steak with a side of hidden nuggets

Back to the basics, the fellas go in on all sorts of randomness including what the kids are listening to, our newest call-in phone number, 612-888-DIFF, pager codes, de la soul’s back catalog and much much more.

Tracks played are 1) Chance the rapper – pusherman 2) Earl Sweatshirt – Chum 3) Childish Gambino – Crawl

Thanks for listening!

Episode 34 – Pickles is Back – Featuring Big Slop of the Grilled Lincolns


Episode 34 – Pickles is Back – Featuring Big Slop of the Grilled Lincolns

Big Slop from the Grilled Lincoln’s joins the crew to honor Pickles Kennedy’s legacy. The Chrome Bills hotline; 612-888-3433; is introduced. Famous 34′s, including Party John Ramos and Frank Brickowski get a shoutout. Discussions include: Chrome Bills being marked “explicit” on iTunes, Baltimore accents, how hard it is to DJ, Slop’s on-stage marriage proposal, College Park history, Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus, battling, freestyling and baby swapping.

Tracks played are 1) Big Slop and IllMeasured – Ballin on Budget (Featuring Seez Mics and Wax) 2) Grilled Lincolns – MD’s Finest (featuring the state of MD) 3) J-Dilla – Reality TV (Featuring Black Thought)

Episode 30 – The Edan Interview


Episode 30 – The Edan Interview

Thank you to the Humble Magnificent for coming thru and shooting the breeze with and letting us pick his brain for an hour. We talked wizards basketball, different styles, quality control in hip hop, battle rapping for sport, dj technology and some of Edan’s upcoming projects.

Thank you for listening. For more info on Edan check out or

Episode 29 – The Henley Halem Interview


Episode 29 – The Henley Halem Interview

Interview with Ultra Records A&R, Manager of Bro Safari / CRNKN / DJ Green Lantern / Valentino Khan. PRVT School Founder and Past manager of Non Phixion, Grandmaster Roc Raida, The Beatnuts, Emile, Jurassic 5, Rhymefest and Kid Cudi.

Please forgive the poor sound quality, this interview was recorded remotely. Please note that this episode is shortened due to some technical difficulties, but Henley will be back on again in the near future.

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Episode 26 – Crush the Baklava


Episode 26 Crush the Baklava

In this weeks episode the crew discusses
the influx of hip-hop EPs
Holiday Parties
John Forte being pardoned by George Bush
and play some Hieroglyphics and Dad Efx trivia
A new sponsor Douchbagitol is introduced and Seez goes into the trenches with Dusty Benches

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Episode 6A – Hello Seez Mics


Chrome Bills Episode 6A
First episode with MC Seez Mics
What happened to episode 5 Lets not talk about it
This episode is sponsored by Jaleo Bethesda and Barneys shoe laundry mat
On this episode we discuss washing shoes the importance of artistic expression and the 2000 era DMV battle scene

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Episode 4 – AYO!


Chrome Bills Episode 4
The debut of the Chrome Bills theme song
What happened to episode 3 Nobody knows
Kcrome and Dj Steve Bills discuss wutang common snow bob marley terrance trent darby j-zone the roots and rick ross (probably)

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Episode 1 – The Genesis


This is our introductory episode. At the time we didnt know what the show was going to be called, how we were going to format the show and the technology was very basic.

Kcrome and Dj Steve Bills talk the recent Oddisee show. New kendrick lamar album and a lot more. Last 25 mins is live djing and freestyles.

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