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CB71: Backdoor Santa Brings The Clips


Backdoor Santa sets it off.

#ChazKangas ethers the homophobic hypocrisy of #AzealiaBanks.

#Kurupt has en epic tirade, teeth sucking notwithstanding.

Clip 1: Kids and their pants, #TheOffice.

What are you drinking beyond recognition?

#SeezMics and his lack of movement in pickup #basketball.

Clip 2: Martatten and Chuck ethers his guests.

#RedWine and #soccer snobbery.

Clip 3: Old Shool violatin’ leads to the tiniest drop of piss.

Steve’s EPIC tale: he sharts, then springs into action.

Clip 4: Lost #freestyle after the #DanLeRoy interview.

#The1978ers or #DiamondDistrict: which album is better?

Cats will stare at you for an inappropriate amount of time.

Chuck’s girlfriend creates a fantastic #ChromeBills media kit.

Clip 5: Steve is cheap on the #internet and #Hickey agrees.

Our top listeners: JanDiese, OweMoney, Baildozer, Caribman, Hippolyte Van marcke, naiveanarchist, TAMU.

We’re off track.

#SYFFAL puts the #SEEZMics album #CruelFuel in its 2014 top 10.

Clip 6: Freestyling with Hickey.

The career arcs of #Rakim and #MichealJordan.

Clip 7: Focused on the funk.

We discuss the #Redskins and their lack of hope for the future.

Clip 8: #RayLewis is a fucking moron.

#TouchYourChest for emphasis.

#ChromeBills fans need to hear the #FirstNameBasis album.

We end with our resolutions and a freestyle. It’s been a good year thanks to the #ChromeBillionaires, please share with your friends enemies!

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CB70: Daily Urination


We tease the always popular #ChromeBills clip show episode which will be available as CB71.

Where did the phrase “smack fire out your ass” come from?

How did you hear the new #GhostfaceKillah album #36Seasons? #Spotify for each of us.

#PaytonLocke, #1978ers, and #DiamondDistrict are in heavy rotation.

Cats are deadly assassins if you allow them to keep their claws.

Steve explains how garbage disposals work to #SeezMics. Seez is still afraid to go after the grapes.

#JoeRogan is a very enlightened individual.

We preview the #Giants vs. #Deadskins #NFCEast clash.

Is music on an accelerated release schedule due to proliferation as a result of the internet?

Chuck and his live band had their first official rehearsal. Time for a show!

We continue to come up with fake album titles for artists like #JediMindTricks, #EPMD, and #GhostfaceKillah.

We end the episode by rattling off scatalogical interpretations of #Gangstarr album and song titles. In an unrelated story, we were quite drunk.

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Songs played during CB70: Daily Urination
1. #The1978ers (#yU & #Slimkat) “U Know How It Iz”
2. #PaytonLocke “Gold Touch”
3. #GhostfaceKillah “Double Cross”

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CB69: Famous For Having Two Buttholes


Nothing says “I want to know all of you” like 69ing.

Is the #SmifNWessun album #DahShinin the most underrated rap album of all time?

“I find it hard to believe that Smif N Wessun were hanging out with a guy named McGurt.” – Steve

#DasEfx, #Funkdoobiest, and the TV shows that inspired songs about poop.

Chutz has some smoking to do.

Is Steve’s wife #LindsayCzarniak?

We #FREESTYLE to a Steve Bills original.

Friend of the show #Ardamus has a new album and it features a verse from #SeezMics.

#RoyceDa59: yea or nay?

Fake #JediMindTrick album titles and the role of beef and broccoli in #HipHop.

Steve met #EdOG. Ed just wanted some weed.

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Songs played during CB69:

1. #Qwel “The Fourth Reich Of The Rich”
2. #DrOctagon “3000”

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CB67: Insultingly Low Amounts Of Money


A discussion of #RunTheJewels.

Would #indierap have evolved without the internet?

I thought we talked about yelling.

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Bachelor party planning, stimulating casinos full of predatory black jack dealers, and puking in public.

Burgers or pizza?

We meander through the forest of conversation.

Songs played during CB67: Insultingly Low Amounts Of Money

1. #RahDigga “Lessons Of Today”

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