Monthly Archives: December 2018

CB146: Worm Food Clip Show


After a prolonged delay, we get to the annual clip show.

Was 2018 the best year for hip hop music in the Spotify era?

Clip 1: Puke Talk. Like father like son.

Clip 2: Beard Talk. Dominating the conversation.

Clip 3: YOUNGMAN Talk. The greatest interview in hip hop history.

Clip 4: Golf Talk. Are you good enough for our daughter?

Clip 5: Fucking A Flashlight Talk. Hey grandma, embrace your bullshit.

Clip 6: Vest Talk. Juxtaposition is a big word, but not as big as Seez’s vest.

We extend the always popular game of turning Gangstarr songs and albums into potty talk.

Thanks to our listeners and guests, no matter how you spell your name.