Episode 46 – Working With Tapes Back Here


Lo-Fi like a mug.
Q: What’s so special about tonight?
A: All instrumentals for this episode are on tapes (tapes!!!) and being played by Steve.

Them That’s Not: Which album was not released in 1994?
Them That’s Not: Not even Chuck knows!

J-Zone’s “Root For The Villain.”
Beats by Dre headphones are mediocre.
Pat Sajak tweets.
We rank our preferred medium for listening to music: vinyl, tape, or CD.
East Village Radio is shutting down.
Vulfpeck releases “Sleepify” to manipulate Spotify into raising $20k so they can tour.
Steve uses “ethered” as a verb. Chuck “ethers” arguments.
A tight wad retires and Steve hates Ravens Cup Guy.
We’re boosting Chrome Bills’ profile while Scott kills a hobo.
Chuck and Seez freestyle to the DWYCK remix.
A listener has transcribed every Different Styles member and we will announce the list on Episode 47. This is the best news Seez could hear.
DJ Ruthless Ramsey scratches and blends using tapes (tapes!!!), but should he change his name to reflect that he scratches and blends using tapes? He has over 500k YouTube views, so no.
Vanity Fair articles (werd?)
“Might, could see it.”
How do Chuck and Seez know DJ Ragz?
DJing is a lot of work.
Are the Jazz Addixx actually addicted to jazz? (probzzz)
Combat Jack interviews Lord Finesse about putting on Big L, the skills of Percee P, and early Biggie Smalls.
Will you just let Black Thought talk some sh*t? Speaking of Black Thought, whatever happened to “Hardware”?
Why do The Roots give their guest spots to relatively unknown MC’s?
Chuck’s got the answers, Steve hears crying babies.

Songs played during Episode 46:
Loop Minded Individuals f/ Seez Mics “FollowHer”
The Nonce f/ Aceyalone “Bus Stops”
Redman “Funkorama”

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