CB 47: Everybody’s Got Their Specifications


Dive right in, we’ve got a hard out.
Steve’s shit was defaulted.
Digi-pound vs. Digi-high-five.
Cole’s show with #SageFrancis and visit with Chuck.
Chuck’s #WesternConferenceFinals #freestyle.
Chuck performs #TheHumptyDance and #Juicy at a karaoke bar.
Awkward discussions of race in regards to #whitepeople.
Who is your least favorite ESPN personality: #ColinCowherd or #ChrisBerman?
Chuck met #TedMosby.
Who is (was) #YourOldDroog?
Chuck’s Got Answers.
Merch sales are the way musicians make money nowadays.
What does a band’s teeshirt say about you?
Cole yells at TV’s, so he has to leave.
#Buckwild is a wildly underrated producer and has made beats for a loooooooot of rappers.
#Q-Tip labels the East Coast vs. West Coast beef as lame in “K.I.M.”
#MattBonner is a huge fan of #Edan (CB 30: The Edan Interview).
#FreeDarko inspired us all.
#JasonKapono played #AesopRock in a #NBA locker room.
#Spurs or #Heat? (Everybody wins because it’s not soccer.)

SONGS PLAYED DURING CB 47: Everybody’s Got Their Specifications
1. Your Old Droog “Gunsmoke Cologne”
2. Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild f/ Action Bronson “100 MPH”
3. 50 Cent “Hold On”

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