CB 48: Super Flukey


#StephenDavis supports #ChromeBills.
Cole is the first to jump on #ChrisCooley.
Please welcome our new sponsor: Commercials During Soccer.
Playing #soccer is like trying to get laid for the first time, but every time.
Points made in the soccer vs. no-soccer debate.
#JohnOliver is killing the game.
#OpenMikeEagle has a new album.
#MichaelWilbon says something of note.
Olives are good for the soul.
The only thing Chuck will be mixing tonight? A stiff drink.
Steve asks what every stoner was thinking: “Is the #AquaTeenHungerForce movie really happening?”
#TimAndEric, #SouthPark, and how #pyschedelics make everything awesome.
#Jesus judges the epic Nature vs. Nurture battle.
Shouts to our listeners: #BigSlop, Stevie I., Bailey, Omar, Jimmy B., Yan, Hickey, Tamu, #Ardamus, #DoodComputer, #Dez, and #Cubbiebear
Chuck misses #GiantGorillaDogThing and #Edan shows.
Joey “Splits” Crawford has something to say.

Songs played during CB 48: Super Flukey

1. #OpenMikeEagle “Golden Age Rap
2. #SilentKnight “Busy is My Best Friend”

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