CB 49 : Can Lobsters Hold Guns


#CarmenPolicy ran a gambling ring in high school. There is a gambling stereotype.
The missing second half was the Error & Omission of CB 48 : Super Flukey.
Steve is sorry, #PeterRosenberg.
Seez experiences raw emotion while discussing #soccer.
Chucks strongly believes, “#VivaItalia!”
A surprisingly somewhat insightful discussion of the #WorldCup, particularly that there are no commercials for two hours which allows Chuck to ether his guests.
What are you drinking? Well, it’s a #Manhattan. And a #Martini. It’s a #Martattan.
#EpicHistoricRapBattles are a million dollar idea with ten dollar execution.
#Eminem’s “Road To Total Slaughter” is a reality show, but how real are reality shows?
The homey Al Dente stops by.
The newest member of Different Stylez, Two-Beerz-In, drops by to drink two Stellas and then need a nap.
The proliferation of gun metaphors in rap battles begs the question: Can lobsters hold guns?
Seez is performing as the opening act for #SageFrancis during the #CopperGone tour, including July 1 at #UStreetMusicHall.
Steve wants to know why did #Nas choose to be #YourOldDroog and how did #ComplexMagazine get it wrong?
#Nardwaur gives #Nas lots of records.
#CombatJack responds to Chrome Bills on #Twitter.
We discuss various daily routines. For example: how late do you sleep in, or do you go for the Early Dew?
Full Adult Hairstyles: Like father, like son.
“That’s the #schizophrenia talking.”
Q: How do you make it out of the underground? A: By appearing as a guest on #ChromeBills. Duh.
#OpenMikeEagle of #MelloMusicGroup is on the come up, and we are all very happy for him.
This week’s Shocking Rap Lyric Of The Week from #ActionBronson is actually the #StarTrek version of #TheShocker.
Chuck saw #RobertKelly record a #ComedyCentral special.
Seez’s #PAX pops its top as he becomes untethered from reality.
Steve and Scott are going to see #Dipset… or is it #DIFFset?
Seeing #Redman and #MethodMan live is an amazing experience.
Shout out to Hickey, friend of the show.
Songs played during CB 49: Can Lobsters Hold Guns?

1. #MarsILL “I Is”
2. #OpenMikeEagle “Qualifiers”
3. #Blueprint “The Climb”

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