CB 51: Trevor Ariza Burns Down Strip Clubs


#Area51 would have worked too.
Has the oscillating fan in Steve’s basement subscribed to #ChromeBills on #iTunes or #SoundCloud?
Are we pulling punches or swinging wildly? The fellas have some house cleaning to do.
Is Cole a scheduling Nazi or just very regimented? He definitely has a digital bite.
Steve calls Chuck to speak from the heart.
It’s gotta be the 3 of us, and after all, we’re doing the best we can with what we have.
Are we getting paid yet? We need to hire an agent.
Steve is going #DeLaSoul at #HowardTheater on July 19.
The homey #Tone has a beat played during the #JoeBudden VS #HollowDaDon #TotalSlaughter battle. Steve felt like the tech was a wreck: hard to find online and inoperable mics. However, it is clear that #HollowDaDon listens to #ChromeBills.
How much do #battlerappers win?
#ErrorsAndOmissions returns.
Chuck and Steve dissect the #WorldCup final while Cole considers getting some fresh air.
Cole went to see the homey #Cubbiebear open for #Cage and #Sadistik in #Baltimore, then ate at the #PaperMoonDiner with Max.
Steve suggests the #BlackMoon song #ActLikeUWantIt may be about prison rape.
The homey #CasOne has subscribed to #ChromeBills. Check out his interview in episode CB 50: People Aren’t Dancing Anymore.
Steve got in a bar fight and was an angry dude. His luscious hair has calmed him down.
#PaulPierce joins the #WashingtonWizards which leads to an intense discussion of all things #NBA.
The fellas #freestyle away the pain.
#JayZ joins #JayElectronica for a surprise guest appearance during the #BrooklynHipHopFest.
Part 1 of Cole’s interview with #BDolan of #StrangeFamousRecords ends the show. Part 2 will be on CB 52.

Songs played during CB 51: Trevor Ariza Burns Down Strip Clubs – N/A

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