CB70: Daily Urination


We tease the always popular #ChromeBills clip show episode which will be available as CB71.

Where did the phrase “smack fire out your ass” come from?

How did you hear the new #GhostfaceKillah album #36Seasons? #Spotify for each of us.

#PaytonLocke, #1978ers, and #DiamondDistrict are in heavy rotation.

Cats are deadly assassins if you allow them to keep their claws.

Steve explains how garbage disposals work to #SeezMics. Seez is still afraid to go after the grapes.

#JoeRogan is a very enlightened individual.

We preview the #Giants vs. #Deadskins #NFCEast clash.

Is music on an accelerated release schedule due to proliferation as a result of the internet?

Chuck and his live band had their first official rehearsal. Time for a show!

We continue to come up with fake album titles for artists like #JediMindTricks, #EPMD, and #GhostfaceKillah.

We end the episode by rattling off scatalogical interpretations of #Gangstarr album and song titles. In an unrelated story, we were quite drunk.

Fuck you, pay us: send .70 cents via PayPal to chromebills@gmail.com.

Songs played during CB70: Daily Urination
1. #The1978ers (#yU & #Slimkat) “U Know How It Iz”
2. #PaytonLocke “Gold Touch”
3. #GhostfaceKillah “Double Cross”

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