CB82: DJ I-DEE interview


DMC Champion and DC native DJ I-DEE joins Chrome Bills to discuss his career, the dj battle scene, wack DJ tv shows and some of his recent projects. Guest appearances by Golem and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

#DMC World Champion and master impersonator #DJIdee is our guest.

#Idee has repped the #DMV worldwide including #ScribbleJam. #GongWorldSupremacy, and #MasterOfTheMix.

His favorite part of #DJing is teaching students at the #DC #BeatRefinery.

#Idee spent 13 months working on a 90 second segment of his world-renowned routine.

He conquered #IBS the #homeopathic way, but can’t get enough goat cheese or breakfast food.

Check out DJIdee.net for his new EP #HotFeces and other dope sh*t!

Songs played during CB82: DJ Idee
1. DJ Idee #BigGulps

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