CB86: Max Bent – Ghostwrite My Sexy


We are joined by #beatbox extraordinaire #MaxBent.

#FREESTYLE, FREESTYLE, AND MORE FREESTYLE. We are the Freestyle Forever Club.

#SeezMics has heard Max’s infant son #Rowan beatboxing.

We give advice to our present and future children. Max quotes #AdultRappers creator #PaulIannacchino who famously said, “No matter what you do, your kid will think you’re the antithesis of cool.”

Max’s instructional beat box website (BeatBox.TV) and DVD were the first #Google search return for beatboxing in 2003.

Max is the only person we have ever heard who can beat-box the #DC staple #GoGo. Others do Stop-Stop.

As a certified #ChromeBillionaire who has heard every episode, Max has earned the right to offer new #DifferentStyles members: Edible, OCD, OGCD, and Grand Master Flashcard.

Max tells us his biggest beat box influences: #Rahzel, #BigBuffLove of #TheFatBoys, #KidBeyond, #YuriLane, #BeardyMan, and #ReggieWatts.

Seez and Max discuss the process of making their critically acclaimed album #CruelFuel.

Should we disallow #RapBattle memes and crutches?

We will create the #marijuana anthem #LegalizedIt.

Max thinks we should all be less judgmental of ourselves in order to grow.

How’s your #basketball game?

Go straight, my sexy.

Songs played during CB86: Max Bent – Ghostwrite My Sexy
1. #Rowan “Rowan_1″
2. #GlassDragons “Windows”

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