CB 114: The World Has No Eyedea


The World Has No Eyedea

#SeezMics interviews several people involved with the documentary #TheWorldHasNoEyedea, a film which examines the life of #MichaelLarsen aka #Eyedea.

#BrandonCrowson is the documentary’s creator. He and Seez discuss the challenges of creating an independent documentary.

#Brady is the head of #CrushkillRecordings, the label founded by Eyedea shortly before his passing. He and Seez discuss their fond memories of Eyedea and what Crushkill has become.

#CarnageTheExecutioner is a prolific #MC and #beatboxer from #Minnesota. He and Seez discuss both the personal and artistic influence of Eyedea.

#DJAbilities is one half of the legendary rap duo #EyedeaAndAbilities. He and Seez discuss the cathartic experience of watching fans see the film for the first time.

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