CB142: Max De La Boca


Let the germs procreate then, kill it with liqueur.

We’re back with just the three of us: #SeezMics, #SteveBills, and #KCromozone.

Be sure to check out our recent interviews with #YOUNGMAN, #Doppelgangaz, #PenPals, #PaulBarman, and #MosesRockwell.

Who’s in your top 5 MC’s?

“Hey. Hey! Hey. Hey, hey, hey. HEY! Never mind.” Check out #OpenMikeEagle at #Songbyrd in DC on 9/28.

#DJRagz and the #lowblowchallenge.

Play your 13 inch record on 11.

Which blasts from the past did Seez run into? Listen to “I Glisten I Shine” by #MaxBeats aka Max De La Boca and we’ll tell you. (He saw TK and Blaksli of #FirewoodLounge.)

Are you watching the #NFL? Just do #RedZone.

Check out “It’s Complicated” by the #AvidGamblers as featured in #BillboardMagazine thanks to Camillo.

We discuss a lot of our favorite artists, but none of them make wine like #SadatX.

Kids = stuff. Lots of stuff.

Can you do the Drop Lip Sync Challenge?

Check out Seez Mics #FakeBandFriday.

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