CB144: We Have New Shirts


Our new shirts are chrome-on-black and can be purchased here: http://tinyurl.com/ChromeBillsShirts

Peace to #StudioOnePrinting and #GorillaFist for the shirts

You can not purchase #SteveBills shorts because he needs them to cover his disappearing leg hair.

The new #Edan and #HomeboySandman song #Gut has an incredible video.

Where do you stand on #Evidence?

The awkward evolutionary stage of interviews.

#SeezMics is a terrible poker player despite the cheat sheet, but his new (HUGE) #Carhartt vest is pretty sweet even if it’s made by #Dickies.

The new #OpenMikeEagle album #WhatHappensWhenITryToRelax is hella relatable.

The accumulation of superfluous stuff is logarithmic.

#KCromozone is moving, but not back to Maryland because he doesn’t love us.

The 10 worst signature sneakers include the #GlenRice #Nauaticas.

Are you good at golf? We’re not.

Our brilliant plan to put your #fantasyfootball money in our pockets can’t miss! (It will miss. Buy a shirt, please.)


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