CB147: I Like Hats w/ maticulous and Justo the MC


We are joined by maticulous and Justo the MC to discuss their new album “Mind Of A Man.”

The new album is available everywhere digitally and on vinyl via Tuff Kong Records: https://www.tuffkongrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/mind-of-a-man-lp

How did they meet? What’s their creative process? Do they always wear hats?

Justo describes how he came up around the Gangstarr foundation and meeting Nas at D&D Studios.

maticulous describes his move from Pittsburgh to New York and his internship with Fat Beats. Check out his Pittsburgh-centric album “The Confluence.”

Get your songs licensed cause f@#$ streaming.

What’re you drinking?

Seez is breathing VERY LOUDLY.

Baby Shark will get in your parents’ pockets.

We open the episode with “Stereo Type” and close with “Speaking My Language.”


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